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I've been fighting depression for quite a few years now. Oh boy, I can tell you, it sucks big time! The sensation of vacuity as if your soul had gone for a walk and got lost on the way back, looms over you all the time. Now and then we feel like someone tripped on our power cord and pulled our plug from the wall. I can tell you, it sucks really big time! But I keep this Hubble Ultra Deep Field picture as my wallpaper. Every time I look at those thousands of galaxies floating on the 15 inch screen I try to put myself and the fucking depression into perspective. It's a big deal for me, it's sub dust of nothingness for the Universe...

The other day, I asked my girlfriend if she had a clue why depression was becoming such an epidemics. She though a little and snapped back the perfect answer: "Well Fernando, depression is epidemic because we are living in a depressing world!"
It might be my mood but I think she's right... Just look around you! Earth has a high fever (0.6 oC above mean), ice caps are melting, polar bears are starving, people in Africa are also starving, developed countries are burning fossil fuel as if there were no tomorrow (and there might not be). Wars are consuming vast, and I mean V-A-S-T resources, that could be used to improve life. Money became the sole objective and standard against which everything else is measured. And now we, as species, show the maturity of a six year old, drawing cartoons and burning embassies... Yes, it's a depressing world all right... But not all hope is lost (at least for me). We can still develop nuclear fusion and use huge amounts of energy to change billions of tons of carbon dioxide into diamonds. We can learn to live in peace and tolerate the differences, maybe even welcome them as a sign of diversity. We may evolve to the point where we stop fitting Hummers with ten plasma screens to show in Las Vegas SEMA. We might even, before it's too late (maybe it already is) realize that Earth is a CLOSED SYSTEM! Neither we are going anywhere nor are our "enemies", our SUV's exhausts, our trade deficits, our plutonium bombs, our poverty, our rising temperatures, our Katrinas, our religions, our cartoos etc. No folks, we are here to stay! For a looooonnnng time. We are all in the same (small) swimming pool, we can keep the water clean or just lay back and pee in it. It's our choice. I have made mine; I hope I'll feel less depressed tomorrow...

Fernando Ribeiro - Save the

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Science faculty join forces to study universe structure 02/14
From protons to galaxy clusters, Ohio University faculty members are working
together to understand the mysteries of the universe.

Hubble , Hubble : Toil and trouble pay off 02/14
Getting time to use the Hubble Space Telescope to examine faraway galaxies is tough,
but it has paid off for two Youngstown State University astronomers and their worldwide team.

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The Space Shuttle Discovery takes off on a mission to upgrade and repair Hubble in 1999. Once it gets close enough to Hubble, the shuttle uses its robotic arm to tow the telescope into its cargo bay for astronauts to work on. Astronauts routinely visit Hubble to perform maintenance work and install new instruments, thanks to the telescope's unique construction with replaceable parts.

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