Hubble's top news - 04/27/2005
Oregon girl helps unveil out-of-this-world images. (more below)

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Oregon girl helps unveil
out-of-this-world images
Hubble's Future Remains in Doubt After 15 Years of Service
CU, Hubble Telescope Integrally Linked

"Isn't that cool?" asked Thomas Baker, superintendent of Lucas County Educational Service Center, after a chorus of "ahhs" from the gathered students and administrators. Included among the guests was Kari Stausmire (above), 12, an Oregon student who hatched a plan last year to save the Hubble from turning into cosmic trash.

ongress will have to decide this year whether it should buck President Bush and provide funding for a mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope. The president's fiscal year 2006 budget proposal includes no money for a rescue mission. Sci-Tech Today

"15 years ago we were wondering, 'When did the universe begin?' We now know," Duncan said. "Were there planets around the stars? We now know. Just amazing what's happened in 15 years."

Some time ago (Wednesday, April 06, 2005 11:39am) I received an e-mail from Daniel Cole:

I set up a website for a 10 year old girl by the name of Kari Stausmire last year called 'Saving The Hubble' . I would like to link your site to ours and visa versa. Please contact me regarding the logistics. Unfortunately, the area on your website to 'click' for creating a link is not functioning on your site.
Kind regards,
Daniel Cole"

I replied (Wednesday, April 06, 2005 12:25pm):

" Hi Daniel, it's a pleasure to know that even the very young are joinning the
strugle! I haven't had time to update the Save The Hubble site lately but do intend to do so. Then I'll surely include a link to Kari 's site.(...) I visited her site, very good! It gave me ideas! Well I hope I answered your question, if you have any other request I could help you with, please let me know.
Thank you, best regards,

I never heard of him again and their site (www.savingthehubble) went offline shortly after (X-Files soundtrack here). But today I was glad to read that Kari is on the news, unveiling a marvelous picture taken by Hubble! Congratulations Kari, It's thanks to people like you and for people like you that the Hubble must be saved.

Fernando Ribeiro -
PS: Where is ?

Quotation of the Day
"Well just because in class we found out that it would be shutting down in 2006 and 2007 that maybe we could get enough money to keep it up until they get the new one up." Kari Stausmire - 6th grade student - Oregon USA. (more)

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