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My dear friend Roberto Togawa managed to make this petition form and a system to retrieve the data from the server. All the data from this petition is backed up daily. Your e-mail address will be recorded but will not show on the petition list! We're going to improve it along the way.Thank you!

(...)Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us here the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you.(...)

Inaugural Address
President John F. Kennedy
Washington, D.C.
January 20, 1961


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Amazing space images!
(thank you, Barry Mihychuk)
Nasa's fantastic Earth viewer!
(thank you, Rammses Prateat)
The future of hubble on Wikipedia
(thank you, Bob Tubbs)
Great Telescope Reviews and Tips
(thank you, Jeremy Hier)

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Global Technologies

Scientific, medical and training models and simulators. Low prices, great service. The owner, June, has been my friend for 25 years. She's helping to pay for broadband costs.

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