Hubble's BREAKING news - 05/01/2005 (International Labor Day!)
NASA Prepares for Possible Shuttle Mission to Save Hubble. (more below)

Save the
-Breaking Hubble News-
Light (years) at the end of the tunnel for
The Telescope!
Dr. Mike Griffin:
CAN-DO, balls-of-steel, kind of guy!

Astronaut F. Story Musgrave, anchored on the Space Shuttle Endeavor's robotic arm, prepares to be elevated to the top of the Hubble Space Telescope during Hubble's first servicing mission in 1993. Click on image to go to Hubble Site

"NASA's new Administrator Mike Griffin told reporters today that he informed key members of Congress Thursday evening that he would direct engineers at Goddard Spaceflight center to start preparing for a space shuttle servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope on the assumption that one ultimately will go forward.

Mike Griffin, CAN-DO MAN!

"We're going to bet a little bit that we can do the servicing mission and getting folks started on doing what they would have to do to enable that," Griffin said.
Mike Griffin, Nasa

Editorial - Light this candle!

Its great to have this feeling back. The feeling from a time when americans would "just do it". A time when concerns about safety would be present, but so would the will to go places and do things. How can we forget the famous sentence from the first american astronaut, Allan Shepard, that after waiting for more than three hours inside his capsule, Freedom 7, shouted: "Why don't you just fix your little problem and light this candle?"
Good, old, politically incorrect, non-terrorist, non-country invading, non-plane crashing, non-deficit raising, non-trillion dollar military spending, non-drop-scientific-marvel-into-ocean, non-man-going-to-moon/mars instead of safer/cheaper robotic missions days...
But today I felt this whiff of fresh air. Just like the oxygen that dried the pee from Shepard's undergarment. Today I read that Nasa's new Administrator Michael Griffin said what all (most) of us have been waiting and fighting for: "We're going to bet a little bit that WE CAN DO the servicing mission(...)". Now, that's an american talking!
Go for it Dr. Griffin! Light this candle!

Fernando Ribeiro -
These opinions do represent the opinion of the owner and operator of this site!

Quotation of the Day
"Engineers and managers involved in planning a shuttle servicing mission to Hubble will be meeting soon at the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., to resume work,"
Mike Griffin, Nasa

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