Hubble's news - 05/05/2005
The Telescope: old but not dead (more below)

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Hubble telescope:
old but not yet dead
Saving the Hubble
Save the Hubble

"With Moore's law stating that computer performance will double every 18 months, what do you call a 15-year-old telescope floating in space?
One UA astronomer said he calls it the greatest scientific instrument in NASA's arsenal.
J. Ferguson - Arizona Daily Wildcat

"The Hubble Space Telescope is one of those gargantuan scientific projects that only the federal government has the wherewithal to operate. Since first being put into orbit in 1990, Hubble has produced amazing glimpses into the far reaches of outer space, its views uncluttered by the Earth's atmosphere.
Minot Daily News

"Should we shut down one of the world's most vital telescopes? There are dozens of professional telescopes being used to observe the solar system, so what does it matter if we shut down one of them? ."
Jamie Elias - Sutter Creek

Editorial - Taxpayers of the World, unite!

Every now and then I receive a message saying that, since I'm not American, I shouldn't ask american taxpayers to foot the bill for fixing Hubble. Last year one visitor even said I wanted to save The Telescope because there were no Brazilian lives at stake. Well, I think it's time we stop thinking like that. Space technology showed us how small our world is. Yes, our world, because American taxpayers cannot live without Brazilian oxygen. Brazilian taxpayers cannot live without american technology. French taxpayers cannot live without oil. Arabian taxpayers cannot live without food. African taxpayers cannot live without medicines. Palestinian taxpayers cannot live without a nation. Israeli taxpayers cannot live without peace. We cannot live alone.
Fernando Ribeiro -
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Quotation of the Day
"The fact is that Hubble needs some maintenance and servicing the telescope is not only expensive, but also dangerous. So the question becomes whether or not is it worth the risks to service the Hubble and extend its life. "
Jamie Elias - Sutter Creek

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