Hubble Headline - 05/28/2005
Astronomer Dr. Robert Tubbs gives an exclusive
interview to HubbleViews
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Save the
- Hubble News-
Bob Tubbs gives an exclusive
interview about NOT saving Hubble
New hope
for the troubled Hubble

Dr. Robert N. Tubbs or just Bob Tubbs is an astronomer working with the NEVEC Group at Leiden Observatory, University of Leiden in The Netherlands. He is the author of the study "Lucky Exposures", his doctoral thesis. It investigates the "Diffraction limited astronomical imaging through the atmosphere". Sounds impressive huh? And it is!
Imagine if you recorded a flickering star with a high speed camera and then added together all the frames in which the star shines really sharp and bright. You could end up with a better image than if you took a looonnng exposure with a much bigger telescope. Now suppose you recorded this star through a big telescope and added up the frames. What would happen? That's what Lucky Exposures is about. (if I got it right...)
Well, Bob Tubbs inaugurates our new section, HubbleViews, writing about what Hubble can and cannot do. He also analyzes the impact refurbishing Hubble could have on other scientific projects. Dr. Tubbs presents a remarkably clear view (sorry for the pun) of The Hubble Dilemma.
Read his interview => here <=

Fernando Ribeiro - SavetheHubble

"In a space saga worthy of the "Perils of Pauline," the on-again, off-again Hubble Space Telescope appeared to be headed for an untimely end. Victimized by the Columbia shuttle disaster, not to mention budget pressures, one of the most highest-profile ambassadors of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration appeared doomed.
Peter N Spotts - Staff writer of The Christian Science Monitor

Editorial - Serendipity or how things can lead to "Lucky Exposures."

On may the 23rd a Robert Tubbs left a message at The HubbleLog. He wrote:
"Perhaps it is worth pointing out that a large fraction of professional astronomers do NOT support the servicing of Hubble(...)". Well, I didn't know that, so I fished his e-mail address from the Log and wrote him asking for more detail. It turned out that Robert Tubbs was an astronomer (I had never met one) and answered my request with a great article about the pros and cons of Saving the Hubble. I learned a lot and I hope you do to. I'd like to point out that, in a world of shrinking tolerance, every dissenting voice should be given the chance to be heard. It might be more important than space telescopes and distant stars.
My thanks to Bob Tubbs!

Fernando Ribeiro - What do you think about it?
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Quotation of the Day

"Perhaps I should emphasize that I don't want Hubble to be destroyed, I just wouldn't want the cost of servicing Hubble to cripple the rest of astronomy! "
Bob Tubbs - HubbleViews
New HubbleCast!

Recorded in: 05/18/2005

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