Hubble's news - 05/03/2005
Save the launches The HubbleCast MP3 podcast (more below)

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Hubble seeing sunset years on 15th birthday
Save the launches The HubbleCast MP3 podcast

Edwin Hubble

" They named it after American astronomer Edwin Hubble, who confirmed the theory of an expanding universe, and the Hubble Space Telescope - "the Hubble" as it is known to countless admirers - has done him proud.
The Hubble on April 25 marked its 15th anniversary in orbit, a remarkable period in which it has:

.Helped fix the age of the universe (at 13.7 billion years). .Confirmed the presence of black holes in the middle of galaxies. .Discovered dust disks that lead to the formation of planets around young stars.
.Taken snapshots of the universe shortly after it was formed in the Big Bang.
.Determined the atmospheric composition of a planet orbiting another star.
.Made crucial contributions to the study of the "dark energy" responsible for accelerating the expansion of the universe.
The Journal Gazette

"Fernando Ribeiro from Brazil, the creator of, puts online the world's first podcast about the Hubble Space Telescope, The HubbleCast. Now you can listen to news, facts and songs related to The Telescope. Go to The HubbleCast page or just download the mp3 file and enjoy the show."
Fernando Ribeiro
Save the

Editorial - The Sound of Silence

When Hubble was launched, 15 years ago, the Internet was in the beginning. During this time it grew into a web that unites us all and to all of us gives a voice. Now the same web that brings us the priceless images of The Telescope is the one that we use to give The Telescope a voice. Today Save the launches The HubbleCast. We wish Hubble, floating in the silence of space, could listen to us.

Fernando Ribeiro -
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Quotation of the Day
"This is so exciting to know that the mission to repair Hubble will go forward. Amazing what one can do by just spreading the word about an important cause... "
Claire, Santa Fe, NM, USA. From The HubbleLog

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