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"No artist, writer or computer has been able to capture our universe
with greater detail than the Hubble Space Telescope."
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The other day, my dear brother-in-law, J. Karlo, a UFO enthusiast, told me that Hubble had taken pictures of the Moon. He was *very* excited about it, saying that it had always been said that Hubble could not take pictures of the Moon. That "they" didn't want the high resolution images to "show the alien bases on our satellite" but the new images proved that "they were lying and Hubble could indeed photograph the Moon and the bases would soon begin showing!"
Well, after he calmed down a little I explained that Hubble could not take pictures of only two bodies in our solar system: the Sun and Mercury. The first because it was so bright that it would destroy the instruments of the telescope and the second because it was too close to the first. And the Moon... well it was just not worth it... it would be like trying to photograph a speeding car with a super telephoto lens... from the sidewalk! But in this specific case they managed to move Hubble while taking the pictures so as to profit from its ultra high resolution and sensitivity to ultraviolet light... And the alien bases?
Well, none showed so far! Long life to Hubble!

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Local hub-bub over Hubble 11/10
Simply put, the universe is infinitely larger, with infinite possibilities and infinite mysteries.
The universe is, after all, infinite.

Pluto has three moons, not one, new Hubble telescope images show 11/01
Pluto has three moons, not one, new images from the Hubble Space Telescope suggest.

Hubble seeks breath of fresh air in lunar soil 10/24
The Hubble Space Telescope has joined the hunt for sources of oxygen on the moon,
and it is already proving its worth.

Hubble Detects Oxygen-Bearing Minerals on Moon 10/21
The Hubble Space Telescope has detected oxygen in moon minerals that future explorers could use for breathing, to make electricity, and for rocket fuel. 

Hubble is hot on the trail of lunar resources 10/19
Ultraviolet imagery hints at oxygen-rich minerals for future missions

New NASA Plans Could Dramatically Limit Shuttle Flights And Halt Space Station Assembly 10/19
NASA is faced with a dilemma right now: It wants to fly 19 Space Shuttle missions - 18 to the International Space Station (ISS) and one mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope between now and the end of FY 2010.

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Working at the Hubble Control Center, Space Telescope Science Institute

At Hubble's control center at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, Md., in 2005, Shift Supervisor Larry Stake uses a series of consoles to monitor Hubble operations. All the commands transmitted to Hubble, including the instructions on recording scientific data and orders on which stars to observe, come from these consoles. The shift supervisor is responsible for overall operations and the health and safety of Hubble.

Hubble is monitored constantly by four teams, each made up of a quartet of flight controllers. The flight controllers deal with operations ranging from pointing the telescope to receiving data. . (from

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