Hubble Headline - 05/18/2005
Hubble Space Telescope Celebrates 15 years of its First Light (more)

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- Hubble News-
Prometheus, ISS Research Cuts Help Pay for Shuttle
and Hubble Repair Bills
Planet search postponed
to fund Hubble rescue
Bush signs $82 billion bill for wartime military operations

"NASA sent Congress a revised spending plan for 2005 that would significantly cut the Project Prometheus nuclear power and propulsion program, cancel a host of international space station-based biological and physical research activities, and postpone some space science missions, including two advanced space telescopes and a Mars science.
Brian Berger - Space News Staff (more)

"NASA will delay two ambitious missions to search for extrasolar planets in order to fund a shuttle mission to upgrade the Hubble Space Telescope, agency chief Mike Griffin told a US Senate subcommittee on Thursday.
Maggie McKee -

" Less than a day after Congress sent it to his desk, President Bush on Wednesday signed an $82 billion bill that provides new military spending in Iraq and Afghanistan."
Associated Press -

Editorial - Hubble's First Light - the orbiting wonder opens it's eyes!

Fifteen year ago in may the 18th, Hubble Space Telescope received its First Light. The first light of a telescope is the momentous occasion when the first rays reach its primary mirror. It bounces off, going through a mind boggling maze of mirrors, prisms, lenses and detectors. Finally this sequence of events reveals to the eyes of its makers the mysteries of the space they can't see on their own. Long life to Hubble, may its last light be way in the future and may its mirrors shine on our darkest hours...
Fernando Ribeiro - What do you think about it?
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Quotation of the Day
"I have committed to reexamine the feasibility of a Hubble mission. "
Michael Griffin - NASA Administrator
New HubbleCast!

Recorded in: 05/18/2005

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