Hubble's top news - 04/29/2005
Things are changing for The Telescope:
NASA Chief Michael Griffin and Hubble.
adAstra (more below)

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NASA Chief Michael Griffin
and Hubble
Hubble: a success after all
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"(...)Boiled down, this plan is eminently reasonable: See how return to flight goes, and then freshly consider what to do about Hubble. The new administrator has wisely opened the door for a new look at the future of America's most productive astronomical instrument. adAstra

"The Hubble has extended our look back in time to the edges of the universe," says Tony England, a NASA astronaut on Apollo programs and on Spacelab 2, now a University of Michigan engineering professor. "Clearly, the things that Hubble has contributed have changed astronomy."
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"I've made this cute little favicon (icon, that shows at the URL and favorites) to put at Save the It's only 16 x 16 pixels but shows Hubble protection door open and a spiral galaxy. Quite a feat to squeeze a bus sized super telescope and a whole galaxy in 256 pixels!

Editorial - The Whirlpool Galaxy

The Whirlpool Galaxy. Please, please, take a good look at the Whirlpool Galaxy. Now think about it... Try to understand exactly what you are seeing. Dear God! We are looking at a galaxy! A whole galaxy! That milky, bright "substance" are BILLIONS of stars. Stars like our Sun. Those pinkish arms are " star-formation factories, compressing hydrogen gas and creating clusters of new stars." Do you understand? We are seeing a truly wonder! How can we, humans, locked in our atmospheric "Plato Cave" see such a thing? Hubble, the orbiting space wonder, brought it to us... Oh please, let's rise our eyes from books and read the true writings of God! Let's stop bombing each other and use a few billion dollars to save the glasses that allow us to see God...

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Quotation of the Day
"Well, President Bush has chosen scientist Michael Griffin to be the new NASA Administrator. And he's ordered him to save the Hubble Telescope and build a new manned space vehicle. Kind of ironic, isn't it, George Bush telling a rocket scientist what to do. Ever think you would see that?" Jay Leno
Ha! Ha! Ha! Loved that one!

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